What is your next step to a more profitable business?


This quiz has 13 questions and should take you a few mins to complete. You will get one of three results telling you what to do next to grow your business to the next level. 

All The Tools You Need To Build A Successful Online Business

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Are you prepared to rise to success as an OT entrepreneur and Get Paid?

Do you know where to focus your attention so you can increase your clarity, profit, and impact – or are you being pulled in every direction?

The OTs Get Paid Quiz is a tool to guide your business planning and strategy. No more guessing, wondering and doing it all in hopes that something will move your business forward.

It’s time to assess and strategically grow – your business and yourself.

I'm Done Feeling Scattered

The OTs Get Paid Quiz is your next step.

🔎 Discover the stage of business growth you’re in.

📈 Increase your profit – this is not a hobby – you want a business.

💎 Increase your clarity – get out of overwhelm so you can sleep at night.

💥 Increase your impact – you improve lives for your clients, the world, and your own family.

We know you don’t feel like you have time to plan, strategize, and dream about how to change your business. You’re busy! We’ve been there too. You also know you can’t start treatment without a good assessment – you’re an OT!

You know assessments are powerful, so apply that knowledge to your business – you may be surprised by what you learn and how fast you can take off. 🚀

The OTs Get Paid Quiz is only 13 questions. You’ll be done in a snap.

Quick, easy, and dare I say fun… let me know if you agree after you take the quiz!