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The Road to 100K

Group coaching to get your OT business up, running, and profitable – giving you the freedom you’re seeking.

Being an impactful OT doesn’t mean you have to work late and earn next to nothing. 

If you want to start or grow your business, but you don’t know what the heck to do first, second, or tenth – then this opportunity is for you. We’re laying it all out for you on The Road to 100K. 

If you’re earning $0 or up to $99K a year, the process is surprisingly similar. If you want to grow – and get paid – in your OT business you need to focus on these actions:

Work through these and then loop back around to work through them again, and again – growing a bit each time. That’s the OTs Get Paid way to get you from here to 100K. 


Now is the time for you to create a successful business – without sacrificing yourself or your standards. It’s time for OTs to Get Paid!

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“I can’t take it anymore. I’m starting my own business!”

Something brought you here, your fist hit the table and you'd had enough.

Things had to change or you were going to lose your mind. So you’re plotting your escape – starting your own business.

You knew you’ll have to work hard and hustle to get started, especially if you’re still at your regular job while building your business. (Because let’s be real, bills need to be paid and your family needs to eat!) 

But you also thought it would be a bit easier… more straightforward… or faster to get your business up and running. 

You had no idea starting a business was going to be this challenging. 

You’re exhausted, overwhelmed, and don’t even know where to make changes to get rolling or past the start-up phase. 

It seemed so simple in your mind – and while watching business owners on Instagram – but you’re quickly realizing that there’s a lot you don’t know, you aren’t good at, or just don’t want to deal with when it comes to starting a business. 

And another thing… it’s darn lonely on this road of entrepreneurship. You’ve tried connecting with entrepreneurs online, but you don’t really KNOW them, and it’s easy to lose track of people in the sea of social media. 
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You keep telling yourself and your family...

“I just need to get this straightened out – THEN I’ll have more time, I promise.” 

“I just need to get a few things done – THEN I’ll be able to pay myself.” 

“I just need to get a few clients – THEN I can quit my job and focus on my business.”


The problem is, “one more thing” keeps coming up again and again… and again. 

You’re overwhelmed, but you know in your gut that you’re doing the right thing and your business is going to work for you… some day. 


Something has to change – for your health, your family, and your clients. 

I’m here to tell you that you can have a profitable OT business without sacrificing your health, family, or quality services you give your clients. 

Here’s the kicker: to get different outcomes, you have to do something different. 

At OTs Get Paid, we believe that key difference lies in these three areas: Clarity, Profit, and Impact. 

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The Road to 100K is the Next Step for Your Business

Imagine having a plan created for your exact stage of business that will help you smooth out the bumps, and get your business on the right road – a road that brings you away from overwhelm and toward clarity, certainty, and control over your time!

You’ll have this and more when you join The Road to 100K. 


The Road to 100K – group coaching for OTs who are looking for more Profit, Clarity, and Impact.

We’re showing you one step at a time, in an intentional sequence what to do to make your business run efficiently and step away from the overwhelm. 
I always say that your business is a money-making machine. You just need to know the right levers to pull at the right time instead of trying to pull all the levers at once. (This is especially true when you’re just starting because there’s so much to do!) 
When you only pull the levers that matter, you do less work while earning more money. 
For real – you don’t have to run yourself ragged to start your business, be successful and change your client’s lives! 

What's included with the Road to 100K?


The Road to 100K is where you find your business besties for your entrepreneurial journey. You’ll learn together, answer questions, encourage each other, and celebrate your growth and success together. 

Here’s a peek at what’s included:

✔ 8 weeks of online modules to help you shift your business in an organized, achievable way.

A private group platform for questions, accountability, and connection with other OTs working through the same modules.

Trish and her team will be available to answer questions, guide, and provide support – you won’t be left to flounder during this program. Although we’ve been in enough programs to know that there’s power in OTs supporting other OTs – so don’t underestimate the power of peer support!

✔ A deep dive into these pillars – Profit, Clarity, and Impact. These pillars are what drive everything we do at OTs Get Paid as we help you build a successful business.

We’re bringing together a community of ambitious OT entrepreneurs who will walk this road together, hold each other accountable, give and take advice freely, and never be lost in the noise of the huge online groups.

We’ve seen OTs rise together in the 100K Club, and I have no doubt The Road to 100K will be the space where up-and-coming OT businesses owners thrive and grow.

The Road to 100K is for you if...

⭐ You’re planning to start an OT business and have a few solid ideas.

⭐ Or you have a business and you’ve earned some money… but you’re working WAY too much and not paying yourself what you’re worth.

⭐ You’re doing ALL THE THINGS in your business. Outsourcing seems like a far-off idea.

⭐ You know in your gut that this is what you want to do – you just need to get it rolling and past the roadblocks

⭐ You’re ready to join a small group of like-minded OTs and grow your businesses with the support of not just an experienced coach, but your OT peers and future business besties.

⭐ You have a business or idea and you’ve earned between $0-99k a year - many of you are still working way too hard and not paying yourself what you’re worth.

The Road to 100K is NOT for you if...

You think sleep is overrated. You enjoy staying up late working and spending weekends on your computer.

You don’t want to earn money in your business, working for free suits you.

You don’t want to meet other OT entrepreneurs and grow together.

❌ You’re earning over $100K in gross revenue. If you’re past this milestone, you need a plan unique to the next phase. Reserve your spot for the 100K Club HERE

Hey there, I'm Trish Williams... you know, the OTs Get Paid Lady!

I’m guessing you already know me if you’re here, but I should probably introduce myself. 

I'm a warm, outspoken, driven Canadian OT turned business coach. I have a passion for helping OT entrepreneurs build lasting and profitable businesses (without running yourself into the ground!)

I’m not here to tell you “more of the same” when it comes to starting and growing your business. 

I know you can’t get to a new level by doing whatever got you here. I’ll challenge, push, and question… and I’ll also encourage, support, and cheer you on. 

Your success lights me up. 

I’ve been an OT for nearly 3 decades and built two 6-figure businesses. I’ve owned an outpatient clinic as well as a non-traditional OT business, so I’ve got you covered no matter what business you’re building. 

I’m here to lay it all out for you so you can get past the start-up roadblocks. I’m empowering you with the tools, resources, and community. There’s no reason to flounder or travel this road alone. 

 Step away from the overwhelm, frustration, and fear that your OT business may not make it. 

Step into your power as a successful business owner who’s on The Road to 100K. 

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Why Join The Road to 100K?

We’ve created this program because it’s what OT entrepreneurs are asking for! 

There’s not another like it – by OTs, for OTs and laser focused on helping you shift from thinking like a therapist to thinking (and acting) like a business owner.

This is your opportunity. 

You can join as a founding member of The Road to 100K program before the price increases for the next round. Being an early adopter has perks! 

You’ll have access to Trish’s expertise, and you’ll have the opportunity to shape the program for future OT entrepreneurs. 

Here's what other OTs are saying...

“Working with you definitely redefined my model about thinking of getting paid as an OT.”

⭐ "This is exactly what I needed. I like having time in my schedule, that I paid for, to work on my business and have someone to coach and consult with and hold me accountable."

⭐ "Trish helped me find all the tasks in my workday that could be automated or delegating. Went through each one, and now I have more time to work in my zone of genius."

⭐ “My husband says I’ve grown a lot in the last year. You carry yourself differently, assertive, direct."

⭐ “This is the support group I didn’t know I needed.”

Join the Road to 100K









Why You Should Join The Road to 100K Waitlist Now


The Road to 100K cart is open from April 5th to 7th only. 

The Road to 100K program starts on May 5th.  

Join the waitlist today, before you fall back into the hustle trap and miss this opportunity. 

Then, keep your eyes on your email (if you find our emails in the promotions tab, drag them over to your inbox so you don’t miss the cart open announcement). 

Also, tell your OT entrepreneur besties to join you so you have a head-start on the community-building piece of this program! 

We are limiting enrollment in The Road to 100K to 30 OTs. This ensures you get maximum value from the community, connections, and ample support. 

Nobody is going to get lost in the shuffle here. We want to know your business, answer your questions, and help you find your business besties so you can continue to grow together beyond this program. 

For an investment of $997, you get 8 weeks of guidance, content, and answers to your burning business questions from both your peers and your coach. 

Do you know what else you get with The Road to 100K? 


The freedom to build or transform your OT business into the one that you actually want instead of this monster that’s taking over your world. 

You gain the freedom to enjoy your weekends and evenings however you want when you’re not constantly sneaking to your laptop to do “just a little more work” or adding “just one more” client to your schedule. 

The other option is to continue to burn yourself out and not earn the income you deserve. You know you want this business to thrive!

Clarity, Impact, and Profit for OTs. That’s what we’re all about.

We’re also certain The Road to 100K will be worth your investment. If you complete the program and take action, and have not found any value, we will refund you 100%.

The Road to 100K Isn’t Always Available – Seize The Opportunity

The 100K Club coaching program (that’s the group program for OT business owners who’ve earned 100K and above) sold to capacity during the first launch, and we expect The Road to 100K coaching program to sell out as well. 

Don’t wait until the last day the cart is open to join, ‘cuz you may be waiting 6 months or so before the next program opens up. 

It’s your call. You can keep plugging away, pouring yourself into your OT business idea at the expense of your health and family – or you can join The Road to 100K and fast-track your success. 

We only offer one group coaching program at a time to make sure we provide premium experiences and transformation for the OTs we work with – plus, I’m walking the talk and intentionally building a business that won’t overwhelm, exhaust, and drain me. 

Don’t spend the next 6 months working weekends and trying to start and grow your business on your own. Make the investment now to create a business that provides you with money and freedom. 

Become a founding member today of The Road to 100K.
It’s an investment of $997 that will pay for itself as you gain back time, income, and create a business you actually love to have.   
I can’t wait to see your business transform.

FAQ’s About The Road to 100K

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