OT CEO Payday

Are you an OT Entrepreneur who wants to see your efforts translated into more money and time?
How would you like to become the best version of yourself and have your business designed in a day?
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Do any of these thoughts sound like yours?

⭐ I'm always busy, but I feel like I don't make enough money in my business.

⭐ How did my colleague build a successful business and I'm still struggling?

⭐ I don’t relate to traditional biz owners.

⭐ I have no time to work on this and I'm pulled in too many directions between all my roles.

⭐ I don’t know why we aren't growing when there are very few customer complaints. 

⭐ I’m really smart but don't know how to make my business really successful.

⭐ I feel stuck as a "Silopreneur"; I'm not dreaming anymore, I just go through the day to day.

⭐ I'm getting tired of being so hands-on with clients - how can I take on more of a CEO role?

No longer do you have to wait for it to be your turn to achieve CEO status in your business!

What if you could...

Get paid your worth for your business ideas

Be more confident in your ability to make business decisions and more aware of what is happening in your OT business.

Know what you are doing every day, week, month, quarter, this year and for the next 3 years.


OT CEO Payday

The OT CEO Payday is a 4 hour, one day experience that transforms your approach to business growth from reactive to proactive, so that you can step into your inner CEO.

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Here's a look at what's included:

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Hi OTs, I'm Trish

I'm a fellow OT Entrepreneur turned OT Entrepreneur Coach and I get to work with OT business owners, just like you, who want to truly embody the CEO role in their business. I help you move beyond thinking like a therapist to acting more like a CEO.

I have been an OT for 27 years and built two successful businesses. I understand the clinical side of OT because I have owned my own bricks and mortar clinic, Spring OT. I also get what it's like to have aspirations outside of the clinical setting, which is why I've started my coaching business!

I spent years as an entrepreneur working IN my business instead of ON my business, and I now know (and can share!) the benefits of truly embodying a CEO lifestyle.

I like a structured plan and deliverables ASAP, which is why I created the CEO Payday. I want you to walk away feeling like you have everything in order for your business today and beyond.

Sold! I'm ready to work together

We all start somewhere...

I know you've received the freebies, listened to the podcasts, and asked for some business advice, but people didn't seem to really GET your OT business.

Does it sound like I am reading your mind? It's because I've done it all too.

I've built a bricks and mortar clinic that grossed six figures in the first year of opening. And kept growing.

I've coached OT Entrepreneurs and have changed hundreds of lives and counting.

So, what will your CEO Payday Look Like??

It's a day all about you, your business and your goals.



A detailed strategic plan, including focusing on your company’s values and mission, analysis of strengths and weaknesses, and looking at the 7 areas of business that most impact your ability to grow. Receive a success map for the next 90 days


4 hour co-working call via Zoom and 30 min follow up after one month. Work on your reactive hustle habit and shift to a proactive CEO where you know what you need to day, each day, to grow and scale your OT business.


Gift delivered to you!

Corah Mawere, OT

Propel Occupational Therapy

"Coaching with Trish has been one of my most powerful and God sent experiences of my life. If my wedding day had come with a to-do-list or manual it might have been a comparative (lol). Before our [CEO Payday] session, my head was overcrowded and I was in overwhelm mode. Trish led me in teasing out the noise and set a firm strategy. We are now clear and have a map guiding us in our business direction."

Kelly Carino, OTR

MOTivated Kids

"I was wondering if I should purchase the CEO Payday; it's an investment and I still have to pay the mortgage! After my time building the strategic plan for my company, MOTivated Kids, I am confident in the outcome. Having a road map has helped me move even more into entrepreneurship and my fear of instability and not knowing what to do has vanished."

Carlyn Neek, OT (C)

Balance Works OT

"I am so happy I booked a VIP Day with Trish. Being able to review and validate the work I have done already to build my program helped me immensely. I was waffling on a few details and my time with Trish was used well to hash out my conflicting thoughts and make decisions. This allowed me to more confidently move forward. Creating some short and long term business goals and set some priorities for being a CEO in my business was important and very much appreciated. Thank you so much for this impactful day!"

Trish, you're speaking my language, but how do I know if this is really for me?

This is for you if:

  • You're an OT entrepreneur who knows that time is precious and will pay to leave with a completed product.
  • You've had it with freebies and gathering resources and want a plan for your business done now.
  • You're willing to block off the time and pay for an expert to give you a completed plan in one day.
  • You're ready to take time to work on goals and processes to grow, rather than being in default and taking on more clients yourself.
  • You're ready to feel centered in building the business and the life that you dream about.
  • You're ready to talk about big goals and transparency.
  • You're ready for a big mindset shift and to overcome what's holding you back from finding more profit in your business and getting paid your worth.
This sounds perfect for me!


What happens after I say yes!?

After our Discovery Call, the magic of Dubsado will send you a link where you can pay and book your VIP Day. Then, sit back and smile knowing you're about to make a huge change in your business.

Is there anything I should prepare for our VIP Day?

I will send you a detailed guide once you book your calendar spot. We want to maximize our time together, so you will have some prep work. Once we are together on Zoom, bring your "can do" attitude and get ready to build together.

Is there a refund if I don't like the product?

We screen our applicants carefully, and work with clients who are ready to make change. Working together ensures a premium product; with this, there are no refunds. We do ensure that you leave with a plan you feel comfortable with and will tweak as needed to ensure your satisfaction. Don't worry though - we've been doing this a while and haven't had one complaint!

I see the value, but this is a large investment for me. Is there a payment plan?

We offer 2 payment options, paid in full or a 2 month payment plan.

I only want 1:1 monthly coaching. Is that possible?

I'll be straight. At this point, I'm booked up (people are so happy with the value I bring) and I have a wait list. The best way to work with me now is in a CEO Payday capacity. Click the link below to call to see if this is a fit for you!

Count me in, let's book it!