Coming to You from Studio C 

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Coming to You from Studio C 

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I’m your host, Trish Williams. Bringing you the...

OTs Get Paid Podcast

Where we talk about OTs MAKING MONEY 

I’m your host, Trish Williams. Bringing you the...

OTs Get Paid Podcast

Where we talk about OTs MAKING MONEY 


Listeners are prone to taking action after each episode.

You might find yourself…

  • Raising your rates

  • Coming up with a new offer

  • Re-negotiating your contract

  • Investing your money

  • Reviewing your numbers

  • Paying yourself

  • Marketing with intention

  • Sharing your time and money with others

  • Pushing back on gender stereotypes around money

  • Outsourcing $10 tasks

That’s pretty powerful stuff. Right? 

More than a Podcast. It’s a Movement!

We’re shaking up how OTs see business and money because we want to leave the profession better than we found it. We want OTs, women, and underrepresented populations to be empowered with money and business knowledge to create a better life for yourself, your family, and your community. 

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Oh! And share with a friend! Together, we’re positively impacting the profession, one money lesson at a time. 

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E55 - Does Human Resources Contribute to Business Success with Karen Bryant

14 June 2022

“My favorite part of starting a business — policies, procedures, recruitment, and HR paperwork!”

Said no OT… ever.

Does thinking about HR make your eyes glaze over? 👀

Me too. HR is not my superpower — which is why this is NOT a solo episode.

Instead, you’ll hear from a small business HR expert. She filters through the fluff, simplifies the language, and helps you (and me) understand what we need to do as small business owners.

You can protect your business, mitigate risks, and create a mighty, energized team by implementing a few simple HR practices.


E54 - Sitting Quietly to Hear the Answer

7 June 2022

The other day I was out with a friend, trying to relax after a demanding week.

I was given the menu…

…and I realized I couldn’t make one more decision.

Not one.

How do you run a business when you hit a wall like this?

Running businesses, managing families, juggling jobs, investing in relationships, and everything else you deal with daily is exhausting.

More than ever, I’m grateful for this supportive OT community.

Thanks for being here.


E53 - Starting a Business Against All Odds with Karlien Terblanche

31 May 2022

This week’s podcast brings a totally different perspective on starting a business.

I’m joined by an OT who grew a successful business despite hearing — repeatedly — that there’s no way it would work.

Despite all these roadblocks, she started an OT business that fits her lifestyle and changes lives.

Are you curious about how she overcame — and what advice she has for you? It’s all in this week’s episode. Enjoy!

E52 - How to Hire for Your OT Business

24 May 2022

Your business is growing, referrals are coming in, and you’re finding your stride… it’s exhilarating — until you realize you’re working 24/7. Womp. Womp.

It’s like being on a treadmill and someone else is controlling the speed.

Guess what? You need to hire someone (even if you don’t think you’re ready.)


Who do you hire?
How do you find them?
What tasks will they do and what’s their title?
How do you interview & what should you look for?

Fear not OT entrepreneur — the OTs Get Paid podcast has answers.

E51 - How Do Entrepreneurs Take Time Off?

17 May 2022

You started your business to gain time, increase your income, and have a more significant impact on the lives of your clients…

… but what happens when you want — or need — to take extended time off?

I’m not just talking about taking a 3-day weekend.

I’m talking about maternity leave, caring for aging parents, moving across the country, or dealing with your own health challenges.

Or maybe your dream is to sail around the world, but your business would never survive without you — yet.

It’s a scary part of entrepreneurship, and this week’s OTs Get Paid podcast has solutions.

E50 - How To Make Money As An OT influencer With Lindsay DeLong

10 May 2022

Lindsey is a thoughtful, strategic OT who’s playing the long game. She’s focused on giving patients MORE of what they need… and getting paid without charging the patients a dime or letting the medical system dictate how much education she can provide!

What’s in this episode?

How to start & monetize on YouTube
What you absolutely can’t skip
The best parts of YouTubing
The worst parts of YouTubing

You may find yourself considering YouTube in a way you never have before.


E49 - When High Achievers Get Stuck with Carlyn Neek

3 May 2022

Carlyn has a powerful message for OTs who are stuck, overthinking, and feeling inadequate.

So if you’ve EVER encountered a challenge or felt inadequate, this episode is for you. (And if you’ve never struggled with this, I’d love to know your secrets!)

“If we give ourselves permission to do the things we’re not good at we will grow tremendously. If we only do the things we're really good at we will stay the same.” — Carlyn

E48 - Growing Despite Life's Challenges with Cheryl Albright

26 April 2022

This week’s podcast highlights an OT who started out just like you.

She didn’t have an easy road while building her business, in fact life seemed to throw a whole truckload of lemons at her all at once.

She could have quit. Many of us would have… but she took one little step at a time, and just— kept—going.

The OT I’m talking about is Cheryl Albright of Soul to Soul Yoga.

You won’t believe everything she had to juggle while she was building her business! And she’s sharing her secrets for surviving through it all!

E47 - Why I Joined a Mastermind

18 April 2022

This week I’m dishing all about why I joined a Powerhouse Mastermind. Let me tell ya, it was a BIG investment!

OTs Get Paid has taken off over the past year, and I knew I needed to keep the momentum going without being run over by it. (If you have a business you know what I mean. Nobody wants to be steamrolled by their business.)

In this episode, I also share a bit about the upcoming OTs Get Paid Mastermind opportunity. It’s certainly not for every OT entrepreneur… but as you grow and scale your business you’ll understand the power behind finding your own million dollar squad. 

E46 - Buying and Selling an OT Business for growth with Nicole MacLean

12 April 2022

This week, I’m joined by Nicole MacLean who is the new owner of my former clinic – Spring OT! This episode isn’t just about our story though…

It’s about bringing a new perspective, a shift in our field, and a deeper look into the true value of each and every OT business – including the business YOU are creating! Seriously – even if you’re not planning to buy or sell a clinic, this episode is worth your time.

We also discuss the struggle that so many OTs face – wanting more (time, money, growth, impact…) but being SO limited by the traditional systems.

E45 -Paid Programs - What is the Real Return on Your Investment with Krista Frahm 

5 April 2022

When you struck out on your own to start your business, did you try to pinch pennies and spend the absolute bare minimum?

Maybe you looked at the online programs, communities, and coaching and thought – “Pfft, I don’t need that junk, who are these ‘experts’ anyway?”

If that sounds like something you’d say, let me tell ya – you’re not the only one.

This week’s podcast guest, Krista Frahm, is an OT who stepped out of patient care and into copywriting. She tried to start her business using only freebies, grit, and problem-solving.

You can probably guess how that worked out… or didn’t.

Let’s just say she went from supreme skeptic to solid believer – all because of the wide array of benefits of coaching.