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Coming to You from Studio C 

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I’m your host, Trish Williams. Bringing you the...

OTs Get Paid Podcast

Where we talk about OTs MAKING MONEY 

I’m your host, Trish Williams. Bringing you the...

OTs Get Paid Podcast

Where we talk about OTs MAKING MONEY 


Listeners are prone to taking action after each episode.

You might find yourself…

  • Raising your rates

  • Coming up with a new offer

  • Re-negotiating your contract

  • Investing your money

  • Reviewing your numbers

  • Paying yourself

  • Marketing with intention

  • Sharing your time and money with others

  • Pushing back on gender stereotypes around money

  • Outsourcing $10 tasks

That’s pretty powerful stuff. Right? 

More than a Podcast. It’s a Movement!

We’re shaking up how OTs see business and money because we want to leave the profession better than we found it. We want OTs, women, and underrepresented populations to be empowered with money and business knowledge to create a better life for yourself, your family, and your community. 

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E78 - Plan the Next 90 Days in Your Business - A Productivity Series

17 January 2023

Welcome to another episode in our Productivity Series.

Today, we are digger deeper into your Strategic Plan. To get the template download click here and learn how we set 3 and 1 year goals in your biz plan, by listening to this previous episode S1 E14 The #1 Thing Making Money in Your Business: A Strategic Plan.

Then join us as we learn how to set the right goals for the next 90 days in your business with prompts and how to break these down into monthly projects.

Help us celebrate 50,000 downloads! Get your voice heard and enter to win HERE:

E77 -  A Case Study in Productivity with Aine O'Dea - A Productivity Series

10 January 2023

Have you ever wondered how other OT business owners get it all done?

Today, we ask Dr. Aine O'Dea about how she does it all.

What can we learn from this busy entrepreneur, with multiple offers and interests, as we discuss productivity, clarity, focus and overwhelm.

Help us celebrate 50,000 downloads! Get your voice heard and enter to win HERE:

Ep 76 - The Mother Theresa Complex with Bessi Graham - A Productivity Series

3 January 2023

Help us celebrate 50,000 downloads! Get your voice heard and enter to win HERE

E75 - Celebrating 50,000 Downloads

20 December 2022

50,000 downloads of the OTs Get Paid podcast since inception? WOW!

Tune in to hear us celebrate this milestone, the 6 lessons I've learned to date in using a podcast for marketing and sales of an OT biz, and even find out how you can WIN a free coaching session with me and give back to the Pod.

Get your voice heard and enter to win HERE:

E74 - Living By Your Core Word with Hélène Thériault

13 December 2022

How capable are you of setting and achieving goals?

What if you added a "secret sauce" to get there with greater ease?

We are talking Flow state this week, in particular, using a Core Word to focus your work and life.

Listen in to today's guest Helene Theriault, discuss how her yearly Core Word brings her more profit, clarity and impact to her scaling OT business and authenticity to her daily life.

E73 - Mandy lost 27k followers in 24 hrs

6 December 2022

Mandy built a thriving community on IG with over 27K followers.

This allowed her to grow her business, into a profitable, impactful space. Let's be clear. The $ from her business is a very key piece of her family income. This was no hobby.

One night - poof. She lost every single follower on social media.

What would you do?

I was curious too, so reached out to Mandy to see how I could help, and ask her serious questions about building a company using social media.

Her answers may surprise you!

Dig into this amazing discussion about marketing, social media, and the power of information that you own with Mandy's warmth and transparency.

Then, go give her a follow!

Ep 72 - A Peek into Coaching with Jessica Miller

29 November 2022

Have you ever wondered what I do when I'm not hosting this AWESOME podcast?

What does a coaching session look like?

What topics get addressed in coaching?

Maybe you have a similar thought as Grace, an OT business owner, who sent me an IG DM asking "I want join one of your paid programs, but I'm not sure if I'm far enough along in business and if it's really for me?"

We can answer those questions today!

Get your peek into coaching, where today we go deep into a coaching session. And, we've got our brave guest, Jessica Miller who volunteered - on a very public forum!

Jessica is an OT entrepreneur who is the "Underpaid Therapist with a Business" phase. She has had her business for just under a year, is making some money, and has questions about email marketing, data tracking and what's next for her growth.

This week, we are also opening the next cohort for the Road to 100K Club. Learn more here:


Ep 71 - More Sales For Small Service-Based Business

22 November 2022

What happens when the bestest, mostest idealest client connects with you and wants your help right away?

And, you're full?

Will they wait?

Maybe not.

The straight up about being a business owner, is recognizing your customer's journey - and when the spirit moves them to buy, they want to buy!

How does a small service-based OT business overcome that hurdle? I mean, there is only so far you'll travel, so much time in the day and you have other things to do!

In this episode we discuss:

- always having something to sell
- getting over the sleezy feeling of selling all the time
- controlling your calendar, while still making money

and more! Including, some awesome updates in the OTs Get Paid coaching programs for 2023!! Keep your eyes peeled - some of it is coming up very soon.


Ep 70 - Build Stronger Relationships With Marketing

15 November 2022

If you've listened to the podcast for any length of time, you'll know I believe firmly in the power of relationships for marketing.

And, what else ya got, Trish?

Tell me more! I need some action steps.

In this episode, you'll learn about the different types of marketing, why engagement is so important to your potential and current customers and why it's paramount to have a clear system and strategy in today's climate.

(Buyer and online fatigue, anyone?)

Plus, actionable steps to bringing an extra layer of customer service to continue to bring more clients to your door.

We know marketing is so key to all stages of business, that we are launching our UPDATED "Strategy Not Spaghetti" Marketing Masterclass for Nov 17, 2022. Stop throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks - and implement proven strategy instead.

Learn more about the Masterclass here:


Ep 69 - Your Next Client is Right in Front of You

1 November 2022

What if I challenged you to get a new client by the end of the day, could you do it?

What if I pushed and said 3 clients? Or, 10K in 10 days.

Crazy, right?

This episode is a reminder that your business is a money-making machine, and to implement a straightforward marketing strategy: re-engage with your current leads and customers.

To make more money, make them more offers!

Do you want to know how to nurture a lead from showing interest by giving you their email address to becoming a customer?

I share 3 steps on how to make this happen.

Jump in and let me know how this solution worked for you!


Ep 68 - Making More Money Does Not Always Mean New Products

1 November 2022

Whoa, did we hit a nerve with episode 65! It turns out many of you are entrepreneurs who are looking for a job to help pay the bills.

(Haven't heard that one yet? Click here to listen to that episode. Then, come on back.)

Here's the deal. Most OT entrepreneurs don't need a job to bring in more money- you just need the steps to increase the profit in your existing company!

This episode trains you how. (And nope, spoiler, it's not by making more products.)

Listen up to learn:

- how to lean into Mastery (so vital for the typical ADHD OT brain!)
- to move into leveraging your time and best sellers
- what to set in your new short term plan
- the 5 marketing/sales steps you might be missing to get the $ flowing

This is the system I teach in the 100K Club, and have taught to others in my own market research calls. "Light bulb moment" and "I'm less overwhelmed and now know exactly what to do" have been some of my fave feedback on this topic.

Go forth and increase your profit!


Ep 67 - Buy Back Your Time By Using OT Students with Alanna Davis

25 October 2022

You've heard it before:

"Stop doing $10 tasks!"

"Outsource things that don't light you up!"

"Stay in your Zone of Genius!"

(I know, I can be a bit of a broken record.)

Now you know it, but how do you DO it?

Today's guest, Alanna Davis, has a creative and straightforward way to make that happen; use OT Students!

Alanna has been able to increase her profit, decrease her expenses, buy back her time and put her growth on hyper drive by using students. Listen to learn tons of actionable steps on how you can make this a reality.


Ep 66 - How Your Mindset Impacts Your Ability To Make Money with Tanya Peterson

18 October 2022

Can your mindset impact your ability to make money?

Short answer: Yep

How can something so "woo woo" effect something as practical as increasing the revenue and profit in your business?

In this episode, you'll learn about the 4 levels of $ and where OTs get stuck in their money myths.

(I share mine - it's such a common and painful one.)

Plus, the solution to clearing the path towards you becoming a Paid Peep.


Ep 65 - When Should An Entrepreneur Get a Job with Kaili Ets

11 October 2022

I see you, OT Entrepreneur.

You're working hard, consuming the resources, developing and executing marketing plans, sales calls, operations and financial systems. You're putting in the time. You may have even hired a biz coach.

And still, you're debating whether to leave it all and take a job.

Isn't that the death knell of your OT business?

Listen to this episode to learn the Top 5 reasons entrepreneurs take a job and why business isn't always a straight line to growth, with our wonderful guest Kaili Ets.


Ep 64 - Achieve Your Goals By The End of 2022 - Your Q4 Plan

4 October 2022

How you set the tone for this quarter, is how you often roll in to Q1

And while, I'm not a big proponent of putting out December holiday decor before Hallowe'en, I do understand the need for planning. And, planning NOW for these next three months, in order to roll into a fabulous January 2023, is worth it.

Does this matter to you too?

In this episode, we share 4 concrete and specific areas you can focus on right now, to close out your 2022 and ensure you hit your goals.


Ep 63 - Patagonia Did What? Your Company's Social Agenda

27 September 2022

Did you hear what Patagonia did recently?

The CEO gave away his $3B (that's BILLION) dollar company and dedicated all future profits to fight climate change.

That's a bold move.

A move with an incredible social and environmental agenda.

Which begs the question - does your OT business have an agenda outside of serving your clients, and making money along the way?

In this podcast we use the ESG framework (Environmental, Social and Governance) to build a business that not only brings impact to your work, but profit, as well.

Listen in to get concrete action steps to WHY and HOW this agenda can add value to your OT biz.


Ep 62 - Systems Win, Heroes Don't with Ashley Reina

20 September 2022

Do you love the title of this episode as much as I do?

To me it SINGS and gets right to the heart of what OT biz owners need to do to grow their business; Run your business, don't let it run you.

Are you spread too thin and don't know how to do it all? You've hustled to get your business into positive cash flow, but can't find the hours in the day to do anymore?

The answer is systems. Organizing your business around procedures, not people.

Who better to join me on this topic than an OT Entrepreneur who built an app - an actual system! Hear more about her journey from start up to 5 figure months and how system's helped her do it!


Ep 61 - Data Versus Intuition in Decision Making

13 September 2022

We OTs are a pretty balanced lot.

Many of us are comfortable with a little "woo" and intuition, and also with the data that comes along with being a scientist.

So, which one is best to use when making a decision?

This episode is for you if you want to explore the best practices for decision making, find out which method is best for you and WHY.


Ep 60 - Are You Doing It Wrong?

6 September 2022

Are you doing it wrong? Or, are you just doing it your way?

That's the question we explore in this episode.

As an OT Biz Entrepreneur, my guess is you are pretty hard on yourself. And often wonder "is everyone else is doing it better than me" - whether regularly or during a hard spell.

Listen here to hear the 6 ways we can evaluate if you are indeed making ALL the mistakes (hint: we doubt it!), or do you have a business set up to support your life, bumps and all.


Ep 59 - Why I Hate the Term Side Hustle

30 August 2022

I have strong feelings on this one!

(We weren't allowed to use the word "hate" growing up - and yet here it is in my podcast? You know I have thoughts!)

The term side hustle has got to go.

You know the world has changed, and idealizing over working no longer has a place in entrepreneurship.

The current economy and ambition has changed for women post pandemic, and it's time to stop glorifying "go go go" and focussing on sustainability.

Does adding MORE to your already MASSIVE to do list fill you with dread? Want to learn how to start, grow and scale your OT biz in a modern and consistent way?


Ep 58 - Just Start - Thinking Isn't The Same As Doing

23 August 2022

Thinking isn't doing.

Oh yeah, I went there.

But, if you think this is an episode on tough love; it's not. I dive into the phenomenon experienced by so many - Starts in our businesses and our lives, that occur beyond the beginning.

After this podcast, whether you're just starting to think about your biz, or an experienced OT entrepreneur, you'll have a clearer vision on how this season of business can come at any time, your biggest block and what to do about moving past.


Ep 57 - Benefits of a CEO Retreat

28 June 2022

Listen to this week’s episode and share the love with a friend!


Ep 56 - My Most Basic Productivity System

21 June 2022

Keep it simple.

That’s how to avoid being overwhelmed by your own systems.

As a business owner, you’re flooded with information, ideas, systems, platforms, and products.

Shiny object syndrome is reeeeeeeeeeal when running a business. (It’s also exhausting.)

Do you want to know the two — very simple — productivity systems I use to keep my business moving in the right direction?

They’re also easy to jump back into every time I get off track, which is a huge win for visionaries like you and me!


E55 - Does Human Resources Contribute to Business Success with Karen Bryant

14 June 2022

“My favorite part of starting a business — policies, procedures, recruitment, and HR paperwork!”

Said no OT… ever.

Does thinking about HR make your eyes glaze over? 👀

Me too. HR is not my superpower — which is why this is NOT a solo episode.

Instead, you’ll hear from a small business HR expert. She filters through the fluff, simplifies the language, and helps you (and me) understand what we need to do as small business owners.

You can protect your business, mitigate risks, and create a mighty, energized team by implementing a few simple HR practices.


E54 - Sitting Quietly to Hear the Answer

7 June 2022

The other day I was out with a friend, trying to relax after a demanding week.

I was given the menu…

…and I realized I couldn’t make one more decision.

Not one.

How do you run a business when you hit a wall like this?

Running businesses, managing families, juggling jobs, investing in relationships, and everything else you deal with daily is exhausting.

More than ever, I’m grateful for this supportive OT community.

Thanks for being here.


E53 - Starting a Business Against All Odds with Karlien Terblanche

31 May 2022

This week’s podcast brings a totally different perspective on starting a business.

I’m joined by an OT who grew a successful business despite hearing — repeatedly — that there’s no way it would work.

Despite all these roadblocks, she started an OT business that fits her lifestyle and changes lives.

Are you curious about how she overcame — and what advice she has for you? It’s all in this week’s episode. Enjoy!

E52 - How to Hire for Your OT Business

24 May 2022

Your business is growing, referrals are coming in, and you’re finding your stride… it’s exhilarating — until you realize you’re working 24/7. Womp. Womp.

It’s like being on a treadmill and someone else is controlling the speed.

Guess what? You need to hire someone (even if you don’t think you’re ready.)


Who do you hire?
How do you find them?
What tasks will they do and what’s their title?
How do you interview & what should you look for?

Fear not OT entrepreneur — the OTs Get Paid podcast has answers.

E51 - How Do Entrepreneurs Take Time Off?

17 May 2022

You started your business to gain time, increase your income, and have a more significant impact on the lives of your clients…

… but what happens when you want — or need — to take extended time off?

I’m not just talking about taking a 3-day weekend.

I’m talking about maternity leave, caring for aging parents, moving across the country, or dealing with your own health challenges.

Or maybe your dream is to sail around the world, but your business would never survive without you — yet.

It’s a scary part of entrepreneurship, and this week’s OTs Get Paid podcast has solutions.

E50 - How To Make Money As An OT influencer With Lindsay DeLong

10 May 2022

Lindsey is a thoughtful, strategic OT who’s playing the long game. She’s focused on giving patients MORE of what they need… and getting paid without charging the patients a dime or letting the medical system dictate how much education she can provide!

What’s in this episode?

How to start & monetize on YouTube
What you absolutely can’t skip
The best parts of YouTubing
The worst parts of YouTubing

You may find yourself considering YouTube in a way you never have before.


E49 - When High Achievers Get Stuck with Carlyn Neek

3 May 2022

Carlyn has a powerful message for OTs who are stuck, overthinking, and feeling inadequate.

So if you’ve EVER encountered a challenge or felt inadequate, this episode is for you. (And if you’ve never struggled with this, I’d love to know your secrets!)

“If we give ourselves permission to do the things we’re not good at we will grow tremendously. If we only do the things we're really good at we will stay the same.” — Carlyn

E48 - Growing Despite Life's Challenges with Cheryl Albright

26 April 2022

This week’s podcast highlights an OT who started out just like you.

She didn’t have an easy road while building her business, in fact life seemed to throw a whole truckload of lemons at her all at once.

She could have quit. Many of us would have… but she took one little step at a time, and just— kept—going.

The OT I’m talking about is Cheryl Albright of Soul to Soul Yoga.

You won’t believe everything she had to juggle while she was building her business! And she’s sharing her secrets for surviving through it all!

E47 - Why I Joined a Mastermind

18 April 2022

This week I’m dishing all about why I joined a Powerhouse Mastermind. Let me tell ya, it was a BIG investment!

OTs Get Paid has taken off over the past year, and I knew I needed to keep the momentum going without being run over by it. (If you have a business you know what I mean. Nobody wants to be steamrolled by their business.)

In this episode, I also share a bit about the upcoming OTs Get Paid Mastermind opportunity. It’s certainly not for every OT entrepreneur… but as you grow and scale your business you’ll understand the power behind finding your own million dollar squad. 

E46 - Buying and Selling an OT Business for growth with Nicole MacLean

12 April 2022

This week, I’m joined by Nicole MacLean who is the new owner of my former clinic – Spring OT! This episode isn’t just about our story though…

It’s about bringing a new perspective, a shift in our field, and a deeper look into the true value of each and every OT business – including the business YOU are creating! Seriously – even if you’re not planning to buy or sell a clinic, this episode is worth your time.

We also discuss the struggle that so many OTs face – wanting more (time, money, growth, impact…) but being SO limited by the traditional systems.

E45 -Paid Programs - What is the Real Return on Your Investment with Krista Frahm 

5 April 2022

When you struck out on your own to start your business, did you try to pinch pennies and spend the absolute bare minimum?

Maybe you looked at the online programs, communities, and coaching and thought – “Pfft, I don’t need that junk, who are these ‘experts’ anyway?”

If that sounds like something you’d say, let me tell ya – you’re not the only one.

This week’s podcast guest, Krista Frahm, is an OT who stepped out of patient care and into copywriting. She tried to start her business using only freebies, grit, and problem-solving.

You can probably guess how that worked out… or didn’t.

Let’s just say she went from supreme skeptic to solid believer – all because of the wide array of benefits of coaching.