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Exciting new Partnership with Therabyte!

announcement May 08, 2023

Every OT entrepreneur I know has built the foundation of their business on relationships.

Relationships that turn into clients or contracts, relationships that act as amazing referral sources, and relationships that sustain us and help us grow in community as OT business owners. An often lonely place. 

We do this with our clients - why shouldn’t we grow our business in the same way?

And, while I have some more sophisticated strategies now at my disposal to grow Trish Williams Consulting, what remains at the core is our connection with others.

Which is why I’m so excited to share this special announcement.

One that has been on our strategic plan for 1+ years - "Get a Sponsor for the OTs Get Paid podcast."

We had some pretty amazing offers. Stories I will share at a later time.

The one we chose offered something in real alignment with OT and our company values to leave the profession better than we found it - a Partnership.

So, here it is …

We are excited to share that we are teaming up with Therabyte, and its owners Ashley and Mike Reina.

I know, right ???

Who is Ashley you might ask?

Ashley is an OT in health tech and systems advocate. She is the co-founder of Therabyte EMR + practice management software. I’ve had the opportunity to coach her growth as a  member of our 100K Club Mastermind and know her to be a high achiever who is a delight to work and hang out with. Yep, she’s been in my backyard!  A few notable accomplishments include:

  • Created and launched Therabyte in Canada
  • Launching Therabyte in the States
  • Appeared on the following podcasts
    • The Brave OT with Carlyn Neek
    • The Uncommon OT with Patricia Motus
    • Ravi

And has created a community of private practitioners, with a leader who brings her zone of genius to exclusive strategies doing system audits for her audience.

Therabyte and Trish Williams Consulting - Why team up?

  • We support the same community of private practice rehab practitioners.
  • We focus on helping them grow their businesses, enjoy their work, and get paid.
  • We have complimentary products and services
  • Have a strong desire to create similar events (stay tuned!)
  • We understand the power of collaboration amongst OT business owners

What is the mission of Therabyte?

To support OT and SLP private practitioners in having best practices related to documentation and security.

  • We set out to create not only an EMR but software built by the community. As OTs, we are always advocating for our profession, I wanted to give back, so we could have something that was ours, that had a workflow that matched how we as OTs work, not the other way around.
  • Our company values are reliability and curiosity, these drive everything we do internally as a team and with customers.
  • We are going to bring the future of EMRs to OTs through integrated AI 

On top of that, Therabyte has a special partnership offer during May - get 30 days FREE when you sign up!

Link -

Use code - OTGP30

What’s next?

Our first co-hosted webinar!

Save the date on June 1st at 11am PST/2pm EST where we will discuss "Avoiding Pitfalls While Growing Your Private Practice." We will send out links soon to register.

We are thrilled about this partnership and can’t wait to see what we can achieve together as OT entrepreneurs. Look out for more exciting news!