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Plan a Week in Your Business - A Productivity Series

podcast series: productivity Jul 25, 2023

Last week we discussed about Plan the Next 90 Days in Your Business and what are the steps that come with it. Now that you (hopefully!) have a clear idea and vision over the next three-months, lets bring it a little bit closer - to planning a week, a month, and finally we get to the 90-day mark. 

Listen in to Episode 79 here for the full tidbits!

Now, why is planning so important?

Planning your schedule strategically can be the key to achieving a healthy work-life balance and ensuring optimal client care. 

  • Planning Your Week: A Foundation for Success

When it comes to managing your OT practice, planning your week is the first crucial step. By taking a few moments each week to organize your upcoming tasks and appointments, you'll be better equipped to tackle the challenges ahead. Prioritize your goals, create a to-do list, and allocate sufficient time for client sessions, administrative tasks, and personal activities. A well-structured week can help you stay on top of your commitments while minimizing stress.

  • Embrace the Power of Monthly Planning

Beyond weekly planning, incorporating monthly planning into your routine is a game-changer. Set aside time at the end of each month to reflect on your achievements and evaluate areas for improvement. By analyzing your performance regularly, you can make informed decisions and set realistic goals for the upcoming month. This proactive approach allows you to adapt to changes in your caseload and identify any potential challenges ahead of time.

  • The 90-Day Strategy: Setting Milestones for Success

As an OT, setting long-term goals is crucial for professional growth. Utilize the 90-day planning technique to establish milestones and measure your progress over time. Break down your broader objectives into smaller, achievable tasks, and create a roadmap for each quarter. By doing so, you'll maintain a clear focus, track your successes, and identify areas where you can further excel.