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Maximizing Your Earnings: Achieving 100K+ with a 40-Hour Workweek

podcast Apr 12, 2023

A common problem I hear from OT entrepreneurs is the struggle to earn 100k annually without stretching themselves to the max. Many are working 70 to 80-hour work weeks. That workload causes so much fatigue that there is no capacity for anything else in their world. And all while still not achieving their earnings goals.

So I want to share how to maximize your earnings and achieve 100k a year without working MEGA hours, but working a 40-hour workweek. And in order to do this, we must be strategic with our time.

We have 168 hours in a week. It can’t all be work. It’s important to carve out time for your self care. We need leisure time and productivity outside of work for our people. So what does an ideal 40-hour week look like for an OT entrepreneur and how do we get there?

How to Achieve Your 40-hour Workweek

Zone of Genius

The common 40-hour workweek is based on the concept of direct and indirect work based on old industrial revolution-type work– which stems from repeatable tasks. As entrepreneurs, we should be doing work that is in our zone of genius. This means we should be performing real brain work but in short bursts of time in a visionary capacity.

I have even found over recent years that my capacity to push through on days where my brain just says “I’m done” is more difficult than it used to be, which is frustrating. But what this has told me is that I am leaning into my zone of genius MORE, and doing less repeatable “zone out tasks” that take up time, so my brain needs rest and recovery.

The benefit here is that I have transitioned closer to 30-hour weeks. My brain is fresh and able to more efficiently operate in my zone of genius for briefer, smarter amounts of time. And I want the same for you!

Time Audit

To work towards that 40-hour workweek, start by performing a time audit. What are the tasks that move the needle in your business? What percentage of time are you spending on each task?

Think of the following tasks: marketing, sales, financials, building, fulfillment, gathering data, operations, team management, and follow through on goal setting? Think about every aspect and task in your business and how much time is spent in each.

A time audit is what allows you to be incredibly strategic with your time and bring in the earnings you desire without working insane hours.

Next steps

After you complete a time audit, there are 2 options for next steps and both involve checking out my Podcast Resources page on my website!


  •  Option #1: Go to Podcast Resources and take the OTs Get Paid quiz. This quiz will tell my team where specifically you are in your level of business, and what your best next steps are.
  •  Option #2: Join me on the Road to 100k! Click “book a call” and we can chat in detail about the program. The program not only offers extensive training, but a community to lean on during your process and changes in business.


Until Next Time!

I hope you know that it is COMPLETELY possible to maximize your earnings and achieve 100k while working a 40-hour work week. You should not have to work double to try to make the money you deserve. Remember to lean into your zone of genius, and perform a time audit to see how to be strategic with your work time.

To really get to the bare bones of this topic, listen to the full episode here! And I hope to hear from you to chat more about Road to 100k!